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Free Church Website - An Amazing Opportunity

We at Powerful Church Websites are currently offering a great opportunity for those looking for a professional website at an unbelievable price... free! We have limited this opportunity currently to 20 churches. Please find the following information useful in determining whether your church should participate and if you meet our requirements.

How is this free?

Powerful Church Websites comes with a whole host of church website features for every website we build. From the beginning we have felt God prompting us to not just make great looking websites, but to attune our attention to making ministry-minded great websites. We are currently rolling out some exciting new features to help streamline ministries around the globe. These features are in addition to what we already include in all website packages seen here. Once they have been fully tested, all websites are then upgraded(free). Here is where your church can play a part.

What can my church do to participate in your Free Website Program?

What we are looking for are church congregations that would be willing to field test our new additions to our online ministry tools before we implement them into our existing client base. The ideal candidate would:

  • Be a growing church who needs to spend their resources on other ministry necessities, but still needing a ministry useful and professional website.
  • Be willing to delegate volunteer staff to using various new (and ministry useful) tools contained within your church website.
  • For each new tool, be willing to send feedback, suggestions, comments, bug reports, etc.

What are some of the new features that are being added and in need of field testing ?

  • Spiritual Gift Database - An opportunity for each member to take their spiritual gift test online. Results are then documented, saved, and searchable by leadership for the use of integrating members within church ministry opportunities.
  • Visitation/Commitment followup - A streamlined process wherein approved counselors can see a database of commitments or visitor needs, and "adopt" one they identify with. They are then responsible for followup, and leaving notes within the database of action taken. Eg. Confirmed candidate received salvation, suggested Mr. Roberts young adult Small Group. Needs continued prayer on health.
  • Volunteer Coordination Management- A system to successfully coordinate volunteers online. Approved leaders can log into your website and see a list of volunteers, send mass email, send mass cell phone text message, see directory of volunteers. Also enables each volunteer to have their own calendar, set reminders, and view task lists.
  • Online Ministry Collaboration - A group sharing mechanism where members of groups can coordinate, plan, and post files for the purpose of planning. Great for worship teams who need to post lyrics, tabs, and communicate with one another. Also useful for community outreach teams to share calendars, forms, and task lists.
  • Gospel Media Presentation - A brandable media presentation of the Gospel utilizing sound, pictures, animation, etc. Responses would be sent to church leadership for followup. A great opportunity for members to send to lost friends and family.

Is there any danger of "messing up" our website while testing your new tools?

All of our current tools on our Church Website Features page have been fully tested. In other words, the majority of your website is already a stable release. Concerning new field testing features, it is very unlikely that using these tools would in any way malfunction your website.

How much time can we expect to spend testing new features?

We hope our new features are exciting, useful and not burdensome to test. Otherwise we've failed in major ways. Periodically we will send tutorial guides on ways we think our new tools could help your ministry. If we suggest an idea and you feel it fits your ministry need, we'd love to hear how it has worked for you, what needs improvement, what errors or bugs may have been encountered, etc. We will not force your church to use tools when it will interrupt workflow. We do however expect an openness to testing suggestions, but the final decision of where, when, and how rests with your church.

What exactly comes with our Free Church Website if we are accepted for field testing?

  • You will receive your choice of template which will be fully installed and branded to your church. Template choices can be seen here. A $400.00 Value
  • You will receive all features listed on our Church Website Features page. This includes Sermon Streaming, Gallery, Calendars, etc.
  • You will receive discounted 6 month hosting for your testing phase.
  • New tools not yet in other packages.

    "Every purpose is established by counsel:
    and with good advice make war." -Proverbs 20:18

It is our hope and vision that strongholds will be demolished, the eyes of the blind will be opened, and kingdoms of darkness shall fall in the lives your church seeks to touch. Thank you for allowing Powerful Church Websites to play a part in what God is up to in your church!

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